Technical Vocational Education and Training

Credentials that make your learners more attractive

Issue blockchain-based digital credentials on Certif-ID to boost your learner’s credibility and employability. Enable instant credential verification and improve your institute’s visibility and marketability.

Credentials that make your learners more attractive

Award a proof-of-learning not lifeless certificates

Award a proof-of-learning not lifeless certificates

One platform

Certif-ID platform combines the best elements, enabling you to list courses, create training batches, assign students to each batch, issue digital certificates and apply analytics to track training performance.

Tamper-resistant certificates

Register on Certif-ID and directly send students digital certificates on blockchain. They are highly secure, and once sent, cannot be modified by any third party; only you – the issuing institute can revoke and reissue a certificate.

Boost employability

Blockchain allows instant certificate verification. Your digital certificate will act as a proof-of-learning and empower your graduates to apply for jobs anywhere in the world with confidence.

Built on European ESCO framework

To render equal opportunities in the knowledge-based industries, Certif-ID employs the ESCO (European Skills Competency and Occupational) framework to map skills and job roles, delivering services such as skill-based job recommendations, career pathways and self-assessments.

Built on European ESCO framework​
Contactlessly issue digital certificates on blockchain.
“We wanted a secure, centralised system to manage our training program and issue certificates. Certif-ID proposed its blockchain-based solution to issue secure, verifiable digital certificates. This is not only helping us but also our students - as they now have a platform backing their career.”

Arindam Lahiri