Smart Recruitment

Drive Experts to Your Vacancies

Drive {Experts} to Your Vacancies

Hire from a pool of technical professionals with verifiable digital certificates.

Advanced Search and Screening

Search for freshers or professionals based on competency and skill requirements.

Blockchain Validation

Verify credentials with a single click using Certif-ID blockchain verification.

Maximise Quality of Hire

Optimise and reduce your candidate acquisition and marketing cost.

Hire with Ease
Hire with Ease

Speedy Verifications

When a potential job seeker shares access to his or her digital certificate wallet via Certif-ID, you can instantly verify the authenticity and ownership of the documented records with a single click, thereby reducing the verification timeline considerably.

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Build a Future-Ready Workforce

Leverage technology and automation to proactively train and upskill your employees, driving continuous learning to not just meet today’s dynamic workspace demands but also anticipate and prepare for future workforce needs.

Feature Integration
  • Advanced search functionality to specify the competency and skillets you are looking for.

  • Blockchain verification to ensure your technical workforce has the skills and competence you need to run your business.

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