Our Vision:
To create equal opportunity for technical experts around the globe.

Our Mission:
To create a platform that is both open and inclusive, which will digitalize the process of international skilled recruitment.

Certif-ID is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions that build trust in International technical recruitment. Our technology and service portfolio digitizes credentials, builds verifiable talent pipelines, automates skill recognition and minimizes cross border recruitment effort. Our global team of experts help our clients achieve goals and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Founders

Certif-ID’s story developed from Tim and Markus’ shared passion for empowering people through education. Working in the training sector of a large multinational company, they witnessed firsthand the untapped potential of talented individuals from countries like India. Moved by the disparity in opportunities, they decided to take action and founded a company that would verify international education certificates, thus enabling these individuals to pursue their dreams on a global scale.


Co-Founder and CEO 



CredSure platfrom is a SaaS solution that supports companies looking to digitise credentials and anchor them to blockchain for instant verification.

Certif-ID’s TalentSure platform connects verified international talent with employers, streamlining recruitment and automating processes.

Our Locations


Am Grauen Stein
51105 Cologne


2nd Cross Road, 8th Main
Bangalore 560052 , India