TÜV Rheinland Academy: Certif-ID Perfects Digital Recruiting


Recently in an article, TÜV Rheinland Academy spoke about how they are supporting their customers during these challenging times. By tapping into their networks of reliable partners and implementing revolutionary solutions, TÜV Rheinland Academy is experiencing sustained growth.

We’re extremely proud to say that amongst several solutions, Certif-ID was recognised as a platform that has perfected digital recruiting.

As a dedicated skills community, Certif-ID offers fantastic skills-driven features for learners, educators and recruiters. Some of the features include automation of certificate issuance, SkillPass, Video CV,  proprietary ‘skills-match’ search feature for recruiters and more.

Taking advantage of the ‘skills-match’ search feature, recruiters can identify and shortlist candidates based on skills, not merely keywords.

For example, let us consider that a recruiter is searching for a mechatronics expert, 

  • The Certif-ID platform scans the network and shows profiles of individuals who have completed a mechatronics course and received a digital certificate
  • Using the blockchain verification method or scanning the QR code present on a certificate, recruiters can verify the document immediately. 
  • This ability to verify a candidate’s document and skill provides recruiters with the confidence to proceed and schedule an interview. 

The digital certificate issued on Certif-ID is placed on the blockchain, so it cannot be forged or duplicated.

“Certif-ID brings transparency and trust to the field of technical qualification and recruiting,” said Timothy Miller, CEO of Certif-ID. “We have chosen a platform business model which, for a fee, offers career-seekers a digital community marketplace where they can network with universities, training in-institutions, and HR representatives.” 

To know more about how you can leverage Certif-ID’s blockchain verification system to find skilled professionals, book a demo. Connect with us.