Tsaaro Partners with Certif-ID to issue Blockchain Anchored Certificates and Digital Badges

Tssaro success story

Tsaaro provides deep expertise and leadership in engineering and maturing comprehensive privacy programs, enabling continuous compliance, information governance and data security alongside the changing privacy landscape. Their diverse team of experts – data privacy consultants, information security experts and renowned lawyers, empowers their clients to build a resilient and robust privacy system to secure their businesses. 

As part of their continual effort to utilise new technologies and continue to develop marketable skills, Tsaaro wanted to digitise its certification efforts. Doing so brings more new skills and competencies transparency and promotes learning and development. They were looking for a solution to enable the simple and attractive sharing of credentials on various platforms, backed by the security and immutability of the blockchain. 

The rise of the need for educational record digitisation

Tsaaro’s goal was to implement a solution that enabled participants of training programs, events and seminars to receive digital certificates and badges. These credentials present clearly digitised insights into learning events’ skills and outcomes. Digitisation enables easy and attractive sharing of blockchain-anchored credentials on various platforms. 

One of the driving reasons to look for a digital credentialing solution was to optimise processes, add security and promote learners’ skills. Coupled with this, the digital platform brings more visibility and enhanced credibility to Tsaaro’s offerings. 

Ankush Arora, Operation Head at Tsaaro, said, “It is important for us to enable our learners and partners to showcase and promote their skills with the latest digital technologies”. He added, “Optimising processes and enhancing security with blockchain technology also play a vital role in bringing trust and transparency to learning outcomes.”

For this reason, Tsaaro decided to issue digital certificates and badges. A digital badge is a virtual representation of a credential. They are used to digitally reward and recognise professional accomplishments, including certifications, project completion and other milestones achieved throughout one’s career. 

Developing and showcasing skills and knowledge is vital in today’s competitive market. Being able to share and bring trust to skill development is paramount,” said Tim Miller, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Certif-ID. He added, “Introducing digital credentials is highly advantageous in recognising professional development. It empowers learners to walk away with portable, verifiable and branded credentials that are widely recognised and highly valued.”

Adopting a digital credentialing system secured on the blockchain

Tsaaro decided to issue digital credentials on the blockchain. This includes badges for events and seminars and certificates for formal training outcomes. These credentials showcase essential information surrounding the skills and learning outcomes beyond traditional transcripts or certificates. When issued and anchored on the blockchain, the certification is immutable, verifiable and enables the recipient to store and share it as they wish. 

“At Tsaaro, we provide services and solutions at the cutting edge of technology. To support our customers and develop marketable skills, we are proud to over training solutions and thought leadership,” said Ankush Arora, Operations Head, Tsaaro. He added, “By enabling us to issue digital credentials, Certif-ID has added a new technology dimension to our offering, adding value to Tsaaro and our customers.”

Certif-ID met Tsaaro’s need to optimise processes, utilise cutting-edge technology and enable digital sharing of credentials.  The plug-and-play Certif-ID platform simplified the digital credentialing processes and made it time-efficient. Tsaaro can now issue digital credentials in bulk to seminar participants and learners. Their partners can proudly share their verifiable digital credentials and add them to their online profiles. Furthermore, learners can use their digital credentials to prove their prior learning and experience.  

“Digital credentials issued on Certif-ID are 100% current and verifiable on the blockchain. It can be awarded in seconds, and anyone, from anywhere in the world can check its authenticity immediately,” said Tim Miller, Co-Founder and Managing Director Certif-ID. “Leveraging digital credentialing technology provides a simple way to promote your brand, increase brand security and customer satisfaction.