HUMACi – A Global Training and Consulting Organization Case Study

The Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management Review study says that 63% believe the pressure to reduce costs will require their organizations to use AI (Artificial Intelligence) in the next five years. 120 million workers need to be retrained because of AI

Understanding that AI is revolutionising businesses, HUMACi is researching and training professionals to solve complex human problems using AI.

Leading with technology, HUMACi offers industry-relevant courses, both online and offline. To develop job-ready professionals, they’re crafting unique courses and Bot development methodologies using AI and Emotional Intelligence (EI). Empowering learners to innovate and be changemakers.

From automating administrative processes to issuing digital certificates to graduates, HUMACi is adopting new tools and redefining the learning landscape. And, on this journey to build a better tomorrow for humans and machines, HUMACi has chosen to partner with Certif-ID. 

Find out how switching to Certif-ID’s blockchain-based platform helped HUMACi optimise processes and demonstrate value beyond classrooms.