Certif-ID: The Preferential Guide for Education to Employment

Certif-ID: The Preferential Guide for Education to Employment

Let’s simplify things. No, that’s not a segway into this article, but rather, the driving ideology behind the Certif-ID platform.

Sounds good? Well then, let us elaborate some more.

Say you’re a professional who has finished obtaining a degree. Of course, you want to find a job related to your expertise, and while it seems good in the beginning, you soon realize something – you have to continuously update your knowledge and skills.

You notice that it’s the individuals who are brave and inclined to upskill, that are climbing up the professional ladder, and that it’s those relying on their existing skillset, that are running the risk of becoming outdated and being left behind.

Consider these facts from the World Economic Forum (WEF) for a start:

  • 42% of companies stepped up their upskilling/reskilling efforts after the coronavirus outbreak.
  • Companies believe that employees are lacking communication/collaboration, leadership, and proactive thinking skills.
  • 54% of current employees will require significant reskilling and upskilling by 2022. 

‘Continuously Learning’ Is the Name of the Game!

Upskilling and reskilling are the most pertinent next steps for you to take. You could either take a break from work which could be temporary or permanent or could continue to work while spending your free time picking up the latest, desired marketplace skills.

This Critical Juncture is Exactly Where Certif-ID can Make a Difference

For starters, the platform offers a wide range of tools or features which are absolutely essential for professionals who want to advance their careers. Let’s take a look at them: 

The certificates issued via Certif-ID are customisable and powered by blockchain technology. They are verifiable and 100% fraud-proof. Digital certificates also act as effective marketing tools when graduates share them on social media and present them to employers.

Certif-ID has no hardware dependencies. So, once it is plugged to your Learning Management System (LMS), admin can then access it from the home/office to issue, reissue, revoke and/or verify pre-issued digital certificates.

By adopting the digital certification process, you reduce huge amounts of time-consuming manual processes such as printing, stamping and the couriering of certificates to students. 

  • SkillPass or Digital Profile – On Certif-ID students/graduates can create their personal profiles for free. They can add all their professional documents, record a video CV, use the CV generator tool to build a professional-looking CV and take a skills assessment to know their skills strengths and weaknesses. Plus many more benefits.

A profile on Certif-ID will act as a skills passport. It can be shared with potential employers who can verify the details immediately. As Certif-ID is a global platform powered by blockchain, your students’ will not only gain global visibility but can also keep their data safe. 

If an Educational Institution chooses to issue digital certificates then they can be verified by recruiters globally. Thereby, Certif-ID allows you to play a major role in defining your students’ careers beyond the classrooms.  

  • Certif-ID Discovery – Discovery’s sole purpose is to help professionals discover and learn new skills at their convenience. They can choose from thousands of courses with world-class coaches, to upskill and earn certificates to showcase those skills.

On Certif-ID Discovery you can list your courses and attract more students. You can also ask your students to take up related courses to improve their presentation, workplace communication or any other soft skills they may require.

Certif-ID Discovery is designed to offer curated learning pathways, allowing anyone to learn, anytime and anywhere. During the current beta phase the platform offers courses pertaining to the automotive, construction and healthcare sectors, and we’ll be adding to those. What’s more, the Certif-ID Discovery app is now available on the Android Play Store, as well as the Apple App Store.

In conclusion, Certif-ID is a Dedicated Skills Community. It is driven to provide educators and professionals with digital tools, information, and guidance. By joining forces with Certif-ID, you can digitally transform your student enrolment and certification processes. Giving you the ability to support your students in their pursuit of learning, allowing them access to up-to-date workplace skills to advance their careers.

We would like to say that evolution is not just about professionals, educators and recruiters. It’s about us too! We at Certif-ID have been constantly trying to simplify the education to employment journey.

If you would like to know more about the Certif-ID platform or our offerings, please feel free to book an exclusive meeting with our experts. We would be more than happy to showcase our platform and show how you can issue digital certificates and help your students to fulfill their potential.