Corent Technology Teams up With Certif-ID to Award Digital Badges 

Corent Technology Teams up With Certif-ID to Award Digital Badges


“Certif-ID has made issuing digital badges extremely simple. We’re now able to verify and track achievements. We believe social shareable digital badges will create opportunities for both our institution and learners for generations to come.”

Ramesh Natarajan, Head of Strategic Partner Programs, Corent Technology


  • Awarding digital badges to map learning trajectories
  • Using blockchain to increase credibility and external value of the badges
  • Promoting lifelong learning through micro-credentials

Corent Technology Teams up With Certif-ID to Award Digital Badges 

Corent Technology, Inc. is a leading innovator in the cloud migration and SaaS-enablement technology space. Corent’s SurPaaS Platform is used by key enterprises, system Integrators and cloud providers to enable rapid discovery, analysis, planning, optimisation, and migration to the cloud. Corent enables software vendors to spend 100% of their time, effort and focus on their core software capabilities to make them the most competitive vendor in their space. 

Faced with the fact that rapid technological advancements require professionals to remain current and continuously update themselves. Corent wanted to promote learning and development of ‘just-in-time’ skills that are immediately applicable. They were looking for a solution that was purpose-built to promote learning while also simplifying the process associated with recognition of learning. 

The need for open badges for employee skill tracking

Corent’s goal was to implement a process that recognises employees’ skills achievement and enables managers to keep track of which employees have what type of skills, characteristics, and relevant job competencies. 

Primary reasons for relooking at the way in which employee recognition was conducted was because Corent’s employees were spread across the world. Emailing and tracking PDF certificates was increasingly becoming a problem as the number of participants grew.

“Gathering, examining, interpreting an employee’s skills and achievements was becoming a challenge for us,” said Ramesh Natarajan, Head of Strategic Partner Programs, Corent Technology. “The need to recognise and make visible the learning that takes place by our employees called for an entirely new system which also offered a mechanism to track the issued credentials or learning that has occurred.” 

For this reason Corent decided on issuing digital badges. A digital badge is a virtual representation of a credential. They are used to digitally reward and recognize professional accomplishments; including certifications, project completion and other milestones achieved throughout one’s career. 

“Employees are usually assessed by setting targets and objectives, but the recognition is not consistently implemented, nor is it easily shareable,” said Michael Wild, Director of Certif-ID. Introducing digital badges is highly advantageous in recognising professional development. It empowers employees to walk away with portable, verifiable and branded credentials that are widely recognised and highly valued.”

Adopting a digital badging system secured on blockchain

Corent made the decision to issue digital badges on blockchain. As they provide context and background about an employee that traditional transcripts or certificates simply cannot. When issued on blockchain, it records data in a sequential, permanent manner with a timestamp and other details such as who earned a digital badge, for what reason, who issued it, etc. 

“We have a long legacy of being at the forefront of taking professionals and their careers to the next level with our competency-based training curriculum,” said Ramesh Natarajan, Head of Strategic Partner Programs, Corent Technology. “By enabling us to issue digital badges, Certif-ID has made way for us to organise our employees’ learning experiences into portable, stackable pathways.”

Certif-ID met Corent’s need to track their employees’ learning and development. The plug-and-play Certif-ID platform simplified the digital credentialing processes and made it time-efficient. Corent can now remotely send digital badges. Their employees can proudly share their verifiable digital badges and add it to their online profiles. Furthermore, employees can use their digital badges to prove their prior learning and experience like never before.  

“Digital badges issued on Certif-ID are 100% current and verifiable on blockchain. It can be awarded in seconds and anyone, from anywhere in the world can check its authenticity immediately,” said Michael Wild, Director of Certif-ID. “It will be a big miss for companies not to leverage digital badges to make learning along an employee’s journey, meaningful and enriching.”