Who we are

Bridging the skills gap

We are a global network of technical experts focused on bridging the skills gap by lifting the standard of education and giving people a platform to showcase their verified credentials.

  • Vision: To create equal opportunity for technical experts around the globe.

  • Mission: To build an open and inclusive platform that harmonizes educational standards and connects key stakeholders in the area of technical skills.

What we do

About Us

Certif-ID provides its members with a platform to build, develop and showcase technical competence. Focusing on the technical education sector, Training institutes, industry, and experts are able to share knowledge, plan learning journeys and find verified experts.

Independent Training institute certification

Certif-ID works closely with independent 3rd parties to monitor and assess training institutes so they can become recognised as a market leader.

Blockchain enabled certification passport for all technical experts

The Certif-ID blockchain solution helps training institutes to optimize their certification processes, and provides experts and recruiters with transparent and immutable qualification records.

Professional Development for our members

Plan your learning journey, plot your career, and find the right partners.

A network driven ecosystem that creates value

Search for independently verified experts, reduce recruitment effort, Learn from industry, collaborate and source the right training providers.

Certif-ID lifts the standards of technical education around the world by auditing and certifying training institutions against international standards. All experts that complete courses from a ‘Certif-ID’ Institute are able to publish a unique profile and label themselves as ‘Certif-ID’ experts. This process of ensuring the competency of people at the point of education will ensure a higher calibre of expert and significantly reduce recruitment efforts.

Experts are then able to plan and manage their lifelong learning journey by searching for ‘Certif-ID Institutes’ who offer the courses they require to progress in their chosen profession. Our match making learning journey paves the way for competency based development.

Industry will now be able to design their recruitment strategies by aligning with ‘Certif-ID’ Institutes and collaborating on the development of new learning content. The Certif-ID expert community creates discussion forums and working groups to design learning standards for the workforce of the future