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Certif-ID members can plan their learning journeys, create profiles to showcase skills & securely share their credentials with potential employers.


Training institutes can issue blockchain-anchored digital certificates and optimise their recruitment, certification and placement processes.


Competency-based screening enables recruiters to source professionals based on competency, verify their digital records with one click and reduce recruitment efforts.

Transform Talent to Verifiable Skills

Certif-ID, a blockchain-powered global network focuses on connecting key stakeholders in the area of technical skills, bridging the gap between skills and employment.

Blockchain Ecosystem

A digital ecosystem to prioritise quality, trust and transparency.

Digital Certificates

A simple way to issue, record and verify the skills of individuals.

Certificate Wallet

A secure digital repository to save, share and showcase credentials.

Optimise Processes

Automate admin processes and enhance data insights and visibility.

Catalyse Development

Promote skill development and prepare a future-ready workforce.

Economic Opportunity

Competency-based recruitment to increase the global visibility of professionals.


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