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Certif-ID is Trusted by Leading Organisations

“Certif-ID is the most comprehensive certification platform that integrates with our existing workflow. The brand is now more secure and our operations are streamlined"

Enrico Ruhle

Member of Board, Festo Didactic SE

Certif-ID One platform for Certificate management Dashboard

One Platform for Credentials

With more than 100 features, you can bring together your certificate management with easy collaboration, and admin roles to manage and issue certificates & badges.

Easy verification on blockchain

Digital certificates issued on blockchain are recipient owned, vendor independent and instantly verifiable anywhere in the world.
One-click verifiable digital certificates
Certif-ID Make it easy for your recipients to Shareable digital certificates

Credential sharing

Make it easy for your recipients to share certificates & badges issued to them. Public-verification URL’s will allow for easy one-click verification.

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Get the whole picture.

Keep an eye on your credential analytics and management. Get real-time charts and other visual highlights on share status, verifications, and data insights.

Certif-ID, Track digital certificate through analytics dashboard

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Why issue certificates on Blockchain?


Digital certificates issued on Certif-ID are encrypted, timestamped and tamper-proof.


Blockchain-based digital certificates have lifelong validity and proof of ownership.


Social sharing of verifiable digital certificates boost brand credibility in the market.

ASDC issues digital certificates to graduates

Transforming Journeys...

ASDC chose Certif-ID as their go to platform to automate their certification process.

With Certif-ID, they optimised their certification process using blockchain to protect their brand against certificate fraud and ease their operational flow.